Once upon a time…

At the inception of time, the Lord God lived. He became creative…so creative his creation had the ability to be creative as well and I am one of them.

You are warmly welcome! Here in this beautiful space is just my bible and I, and who am I? A storyteller.

Feel free to interact: read, ponder, contribute and react as we either journey to seek or invest in a relationship with the Lord God. Remember the Sunday school song?

“My bible! My bible and I (2x)
Oh, oh, oh
What a wonderful treasure
Gift of God without measure
We will travel together
My bible and I”

Your fellow traveller and storyteller,
Jesus Christ’s rep
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About & contact

Hi! I’m BiblicalJoey. Well, in reality, I’m addressed by the names Joseph or Adom depending on the relationship or how I introduce myself.

As a young man being initiated into adulthood, I find it important to explore my faith through writing…or is it typing? Hopefully, I will be able to reconcile my reality with faith better.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can do so via the e-mail address below: