At the inception of time, the Lord God lived. He became creative…so creative his creation had the ability to be creative as well.

Then at a pivotal point in mankind’s history, just before He ascended into the heavens, the Lord God launched the Ministry of Reconciliation whose vision and mission permeated every sphere of life.

Therefore, at a point in time like this, it is no coincidence you walked straight into the reception room of one of the many branches of this glorious institution where Grace and Love stand at the desk, both smiling, beckoning for you to draw closer.

You are warmly welcome! Here in this beautiful space is just my bible and I, mainly through stories and poems. Feel free to interact: read, ponder, contribute and react as we either seek or build a relationship with the Lord God even while we all wait for the fulfillment of time.

“My bible! My bible and I (2x)
Oh, oh, oh
What a wonderful treasure
Gift of God without measure
We will travel together
My bible and I”

Your fellow patient servant in the Lord God,
Biblical Joey😎✌
Jesus Christ’s rep
Ministry of Reconciliation
Panel 1


Hi! I’m Biblical Joey. Well, in reality, I’m addressed by the names Joseph or Adom depending on the relationship or how I introduce myself and there are other names my biological father may not even be aware of! That includes Biblical Joey. However, my heavenly father does and he is also cool with it. In fact, he is the one who got me involved in the Ministry of Reconciliation through this blog.

If you wish to get in touch with me or submit a write-up as an ambassador of Christ to be posted here for the purposes of the Ministry of Reconciliation, you can do so through this e-mail: