One thing is noteworthy

One thing is noteworthy;
About my Lord in all his glory.
When I read his unique story,
I praise him for he is worthy.

They taunted.
They laughed.
They had him crucified.
He was despised.

He was treated like a criminal
And he only responded to an SOS call.
He was only being faithful;
It was his promise he wanted to fulfill.

He watched the treacherous
And still kept himself to the cross.
He did not curse
But prayed for their forgiveness.

A God of the impossible.
A God who is invincible.
He was held by a nail
Because he loved the rebel

That was his only offense;
That accounted for his obedience;
That left him without legal defense;
How can one be so gracious?

His breath was labored
Until he was finally dead.
Man could have said he failed
And yet still, his task was finished.

That is what is noteworthy;
He chose a death so gory
For man who was so unworthy
Just so man will have a different story.


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