…about what it means to be God’s child?

You’re God’s child! John 1:12-13 says “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in him name, he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent nor of human decision or a husband’s will but born of God.” and so you’re God’s son, you’re God’s daughter, you’re God’s child.

I picture a pastor concluding his powerful sermon and after all the shouting, in a gentle voice says these words while pointing randomly at the anyone in the congregation anytime he says ‘you’. I’m the last person he points to. That’s quite unsettling. I know this is my imagination but why me? Wait a second, what am I doing sitting in front? I always sit at the back! Where in my brain did that idea ever come from?

That’s another thought for another day.

So this phrase, “I am God’s son.” What does it mean? What is the implication? Why is it such a big deal? Meanwhile for me, it’s running the risk of becoming a mere cliché.

I am his son. I am God’s child.
What does it mean to be my father’s child? How do I relate that with God?

Ok, I’m not just God’s son because He plays the role of a father in the absence of or just like my biological father but because He gave birth to me and I’m endeared to Him and He’s endeared to me. That relationship comes to exist, naturally. It comes with the characteristic father-child relationship.

I learn from Him as a father and mimic His every move. When He wakes up every morning, prepares a cup of coffee and pick up His bible to read, I prepare my cup of Milo and pick my bible for kids.  I imitate His focused facial expression. When He highlights a verse, I colour Jonah’s face black and the big fish green. When He makes new mercies available to His children every morning, don’t be surprised to see my sister place a plate of rice in front of her doll; she knows her doll must be hungry. We are daddy’s children!

I get to jump, up and down on God’s bed in the mornings and see Him in His boxers. I get to sit in His car to school. I get to run into His arms when He comes from work. I get to see His reactions to every situation at home. I get to wonder why He prefers news when there’s a cartoon showing on a different television channel. I get to hear a bedtime story from Him before I go to bed and He gives me a kiss on my forehead. I don’t show contempt. I grow in respect and in reverence of Him and by the way it’s God I’m thinking about over here. Simply put, I have a deeper relationship with Him than my cousins or any other person ever will.

I carry His image. One would ask if I stole my father’s look or he willingly gave it to me because as I grow I look more and more like Him. All I can say in response is that I know it was God’s idea to make me in His image. Everyone is able to tell who I belong to because I have His surname, a seal in this case (Ephesians 1:13). I should then live in a way that befits my image.

Importantly, I carry his presence. I act as I’ve learnt, as He taught and as He expects. I act worthy of His presence. I am the right candidate to represent him when the need arises. He has given me every power, right and authority by virtue of being his child. I can run around freely and when it comes to it, I proudly point at my dad and with such childish delight, I say to my friends, “That’s my daddy!!!” No bully can shout me down or take that from me.

What does it mean to be God’s child?
God is King. That means I’m a prince (or Princess), co-heir to the throne. Moreover, He is the King of all kings and that make me…the prince of all princes!  Of course I have other siblings too and this applies to them equally and not by virtue of position nor the time of birth.

Lastly, if His son is Jesus Christ, then I have the most awesome and coolest guy as my elder brother, someone I can totally look up to and so God, open my eyes to this truth so I can even have a better relationship with you, Amen.


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