“I choose Jesus” by Moriah Peters


It is said life is full of choices. I must agree and add that it can be quite irritating as one choice leads to the other. You choose a product and then you’ve got to deal with brands. You choose a brand then you’ve got to deal with specialty and on and on. In my conclusion, the saying is an understatement.

Choices in life even overflow into our beliefs.

We choose to believe and disbelieve and when we choose to believe say Christianity, you will find there are many denominations.

Thankfully, truth is absolute.

Our upbringing, surroundings and experiences can have a huge influence on our choices which may seem to have been forced on us, at least until one begins to reason for the self. Sweet!

I was born into a Christian environment so maybe I did not not have much of a choice at the beginning but now, no way, not in our era of freedoms and rights. I am over 18 years of age and I am still a Christian. I had to make that choice myself so “Why did I choose ‘to stay with’ Jesus?” would therefore be the perfect question for me.

Simple: I choose Jesus because he first chose me.

He chose me for a purpose. He chose me before time, in time and I would still be chosen after time. After time, is there any time like that? He chose me with a foreknowledge of who l was. He chose me despite my overwhelming failures and exhilarating successes but hey, where was I before time to merit my selection? Where was I to give a tangible evidence for consideration? Anyway, for a God who is not impressed with my works, either successes or failures, there was hardly a chance I would be chosen and yet God chose me.

I choose Jesus who first chose me. Of course, this choice comes at a cost. Which choice doesn’t? It could mean that I would lose other things even all, but what does that compare to whom I have chosen. I believe that is what sacrifice means and interestingly, this Jesus who first chose me, first sacrificed his life for me.

No other love could mean so much to me

This is my choice amongst the various other options and with Moriah, I will stand and let the whole world know that…

I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus, the One who first chose me
I don’t want anyone but You, my Jesus
I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus
For now and eternity, for now and eternity

A prayer for Moriah Peters
Father, I pray You continually reveal the truth of her choice to her and I commit your daughter into your care, you who are able to keep her from stumbling and to present her before the presence of your glory with great joy. Thank you for her life and her faith. Amen.

Do you choose Jesus?
Why do you choose to stay with Jesus?

Featured image credit: Crown of beauty magazine
Lyrics: I choose Jesus

Copyrights to the song, its lyrics and the video do not belong to the Ministry of 
Reconciliation Blog. No copyright infringement is intended. This blog post is to
share what the song means to me.

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