Holding on

It has been thirteen days since I posted anything. I’d like to humbly apologize especially for missing “Melodic Mondays”. My holidays got the better of me, I guess. This poem is just to encourage you and I to trust in God no matter what and to keep hope alive.

Blessed Sunday!!

(c) Smart sayings for today

It’s been hours.
My feet, dangling.
My right arm, drained of its strength.
My left arm, numb.

It was the summit.
That was the plan.
Until my feet slipped
And the rocks gave way.

My palms, sweaty;
Losing hold by the minute.
There’s a snap.
My heartbeat increases tempo.

How did this happen?
I may have made a mistake.
It may have been fate.
But does it matter now?

A cry escapes my lips.
A sweat breaks on my brow.
My body shakes violently.
The branch dips further.

Why don’t I just let go
When all I see is the deep valley
And death, with arms stretched out
Ready to break my fall?

Why have I held on for so long?
Especially when there is no help.
Is it worth it anyway?
Just…let go already!

Hope surges with some kind of strength.
I lift my eyes and look at the summit.
Perhaps, I may still make it
But it seems to be all false hope.

So why do I still hold on?!
I look past the summit into the skies.
The clouds, treating life to it’s beauty;
Even to a despairing soul.

My neck fails.
My head drops.
My eyes lit up,
Interrupting the dropping sequence.

See that flourishing flower!
Even in adverse conditions,
It’s as beautiful as ever.
Although, it may disappear tomorrow.

My lips curl into a smile.
Life, like a land so caked.
Dormancy, frustratingly prolonged
But in the end beauty will bloom

My gaze still fixed in wonder
But I refuse to be inspired
Since there’s no point.
My head falls to my chest.

What at all do I want?
What at all are my definitions?
How and why do I even create standards?
For whatsoever, I am blessed!!

The Lord God is with me;
The one who dresses the flower
Even better than the richest man ever.
His presence is right here with me.

The flower may survive another day;
I may not survive the next minute.
However, his love remains the same.
What more do I want?

That is why I still hold on;
Because I have a helper,
Because I trust God!
Even when all is going south…

A cool breeze eases my discomfort.
My strength, still failing.
The branch, still dipping.
My eyelids drop.

I gulp.


He is still God…

(c) Google images
Bible verses: Psalm 121 Proverbs 3:5-6
Featured image credit: Fanpop
© 2016 Ministry of Reconciliation Blog

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