“Made a way” by Travis Greene

What if I told you I crossed the red sea with the Israelites after they left Egypt and had the Egyptian army pursuing them? My, oh my, I clearly remember that day and the adrenaline rush but obviously you do not believe me or for the benefit of the doubt, you may think I am just being creative. Well, the song today brings the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt as recorded in the book of Exodus (12) to mind and I really wish I was there. It would have just been breath-taking.

The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt and so they should have been very much relieved at their release but now they found themselves sandwiched between their former slave masters, the Egyptians and the sea. God, who was very much present that day made a way for them to cross over on dry ground. He wrapped them in his arms and stepped into their situation in an amazing way.

However, I am still puzzled at the turnout of the story even in the desert, before they got to their destination. The Israelites died in the desert! They angered God and their only savior became their judge. They wandered in the desert waiting for a whole generation to die (Joshua 5:6). Evidently, those who saw the pillar of fire and cloud, walked across the sea on dry ground never saw the promised land. Even, their leader, Moses, did not step into the promise land.

My question then is what is the essence of gaining freedom from slavery in an epic way only to die before you arrived home? Even in our current dispensation, we fight our way through life. We achieve mind blowing feats in the process and enjoy the pleasures and joys of life and still end up dead when time is up. That is an anticlimax for me. I am not the first to look at life this way. King Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 1:2, ‘”Everything is meaningless,” says the Teacher, “utterly meaningless!”‘

All along, there had been an elephant in the room. In February 1998, Billy Graham, in his talk at a TED conference in Monterey California, mentioned three problems that remain to this day and cannot be solved despite our technological revolution and knowledge advancement. They are human evil or sin, human suffering and death.

The people of Israel had to put up with slavery (human suffering) and yet when they were freed, they had to contend with unbelief, rebellion and disobedience (human evil) and they eventually paid dearly with their lives (death). One way or the other, this is true for all mankind. This is where I say mankind has his back against the wall. No where to turn or run. Ah! indeed, all is vanity.


You made a way
When our backs were against the wall
And it look as if it was over.
You made a way and we standing here
only because you made a way.

Travis Greene is testifying of Jehovah, the God who makes a way even when there seems to be no way and God himself has an impressive résumé to that effect and since making a way is his specialty, God stepped into mankind’s situation. Obviously, God has been helping us when it comes to human suffering. He strengthens, gives hope and provides guidance.

For sin, God is an impartial judge so all who have sinned must be punished but he is also our only savior. Such a dilemma but as ingenious as he can ever be, he came up with a way. He sent his only son to take our place so we can be counted as righteous. We now had a clean sheet but trust man to soil that sheet again. Thank God, his plan was an absolute one. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was very powerful and effective that it need to occur once for everyone for all time.

Now, we have complete victory over any sin that we struggle with, be it sensuality, laziness, rage, deceit etc. We resist desires which have the potential of leading into sin as it ambushes us day in and day out. However, we never give up even if the battle lasts longer than expected. This can probably mean a lifetime. Regardless, we can be victorious each and every time for God our commander always makes a way as we see in 1 Corinthians 10:13, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. (NIV)”

We know that our flesh with its passions and desires have been crucified so we fight with the strength that the Holy Spirit so powerfully works within us. We may fall but the effective work of Jesus Christ helps us to rise again to continue that fight till victory is attained.

Further more, when we die physically, we still live on for Christ’s life is now ours and his life is eternal. We get to spend eternity with God. Such a glorious end! Something we never saw coming.

You move mountains.
You cause walls to fall.
With your power, you perform miracles.
There is nothing
that is impossible
and we standing here
only because you made a way.

As Christians, we stand here as righteous children of God, co-heirs with Jesus Christ because God had it all figured out and he was in supreme control all along. In this Yuletide season, I am reminded of that night which began the climax of God’s salvation plan as revealed unto man. I am reminded no matter what, God will make a way and so I should never give up.

Merry Christmas!
May our 2017 be a year we build more commitment.

Prayer for Travis Greene
Father, may your name ever be glorified in the life of Travis Greene and strengthen him to always take the way you make for him. For the dearest reader and I, help us to build commitment for you even unto death. Amen.

Featured image credit: Unknown

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