Shepherd God

God is always looking out for us even when we are lost.

Dr. Luke, in his account of the life of Jesus Christ, in Luke 15:3-7, records an interesting moment when the tax collectors and ‘sinners’ gather to hear Jesus Christ speak. Here, Jesus reveals a stunning truth about God in His response to the critical pharisees and teachers of the law. The parable teaches that God searches for each and every man. Why will God search for us if we are not lost? Remember Isaiah’s words in Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one, to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all (NKJV).”

Due to sin, each and every one of us has strayed from the flock so Spd. God actually leaves the other sheep as they are already in safe hands and walks out into the heat or cold in search for the lost sheep. By now we know who the lost sheep is. As a shepherd, God does not give up in searching as far as we are alive, roaming all alone in the wild woods of life which teems with creatures of every kind. Most especially, the devil who like a roaring lion prowls around looking for one to devour. Fortunately, Spd. God does not have to go roaming to and fro, he knows exactly we are at any time.

The sad thing is that at times we do not recognize that God is calling us to himself when he finally finds us.We take His worried look for a frown and run deeper into the dark wild woods with all kind of thoughts running through our minds, thoughts which are far from the truth. Maybe it is not our fault. We are just afraid. The truth nevertheless is that God loves us and our fear only blinds us but God does not give up. He follows us.

Then, we get to a dead-end, a cliff. We turn round only to see God running towards us waving His hands vigorously in the air. As God approaches, He becomes more careful. He does not want to force us. He does not want to spook us lest we fall off the cliff. He wants us to come to Him willingly.

Unfortunately for us, we slip and fall off the cliff. God jumps after us, catches us midair and cushions our fall but unfortunately, in the form of man, the fall is fatal for Him. He is crushed under our weight of sin. We scamper from His chest once we regain composure. That is when we realize our shepherd did not make it. We begin to panic. To make matters worse, it dawns on us what Spd. God is attempting to do all the while.

Alas, all hope is lost for it no one ever makes it out of the dark valley of the shadow of death…alive.

At that moment, Spd. God coughs and sits up and with one gesture, he calls for us to himself. Inasmuch as everything seem unbelievable and overwhelming, we are glad he is alive. The warmth of His loving embrace makes us know it is neither a mirage, fantasy or dream.

No matter where and when you find yourself, no matter who or what you are, no matter how you are faring, God is calling for you. In your doubts, beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, theories, fear, sadness, joy, whatever, God is reaching out for you, even unto death which has happened once for all time. His love is all around you, even as you read this post, through the people around you and the epitome of it all: His life. God is searching and calling out to you.

Unplug your ears and open your eyes and you will find the truth. Just open your heart to His love. Give His love a chance.

Holy Spirit, it is my desire, well more of your desire which can be expressed in unlimited ways unlike mine ever would, to open the reader’s eye to your love, whether christian or not and I, myself want to see more of your love. Amen

Spd:- Abbreviation for a shepherd.

Featured image credit: Clipart kid


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