“Pyaar Impossible”

This first time I saw “Pyaar impossible”, I immediately dismissed it as boring because of the people who happened to be behind the television. I was hardly a fun of some of the movies they liked to watch but since I had nothing doing, I sat down to watch and I was not disappointed. I found Tanya to be fascinating; if I was her brother or her nanny, I would have always slapped her left, right, centre. I liked the songs ‘Pyaar impossible’ and ‘Bada bada doom’, and I also liked Abhay and Alisha’s smile. Nice.

There is one another love I think could be described as impossible, only in this case, a rich man was in love with a poor, pompous girl who kept snubbing him. Regardless of her poverty, she always came across as a classy lady since she only dated men of high statuses.

This rich man knew the lady inside out, from the day she was born and still loved her and wanted to be with her forever. The rich man tried to get the lady’s attention in different ways, some very costly but she was so engrossed in her dealings she was blinded to his efforts. Once in a while he did get her attention although it never amounted to anything. Anyone who knew of this story concluded that the girl did not deserve the rich man.

The psalmist said, “What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? (Psalm 8:4, NIV)” God, the rich man in all his splendor, chose to dabble in the affairs of men, the poor lady. The creator of the universe always restored the lady anytime she screwed up and needed help whether she asked for it or not.

James compares man to “a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes (James 4:14).” However, God never gave up loving man. That is why he sent his son, Jesus Christ and he is the reason we celebrate this Christmas season.

There are various reasons why people are happy about christmas. For some, it is a season of receiving new clothes but if I have no new clothe to wear, I can wear a smile. For others it is about giving but if I have nothing, I can still give a smile. For others, it is about decorations and the smile is the best decoration for any face. In fact, the smile plays a huge role this season.

The closing and dawning of another day, especially one of universal celebration, means it is another opportunity to smile despite the situation you find yourself in. Currently, there is a particular situation with dampens my spirit anytime it comes to mind but I am encouraged that it should never take away my smile. I believe after all the facial expressions our faces can afford to contort, it should end with a smile. Basically, all I am saying is today is a day to smile because it is powered by love somewhere in the universe which causes it to shine forth into the darkness of any heart, revealing the hope that had always been shrouded. For Christians, that hope is Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas, Daddy!
Merry Christmas, Mommy!
Merry Christmas, Brother!
Merry Christmas, Sister!
Merry Christmas, Friend!

Thank you very much for reading the posts on this blog. I can only hope you are smiling now and I pray that my God continues to reveal hope in every situation in your life. 

Featured image credit: Spuul

Writer claims no credit for the title or the movie. The title and the movie are 
copyrights of its owners.
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