“Obiara nni ho” by Niiella ft Joe Mettle

Happy New Year, Everyone!
I hope I was not too late to the party. I found myself starting the year at a camp, just focused on God and my, oh my, was it wonderful?! Are you happy with how your 2017 started out?

Regardless of what is, what was and/or what may have been, the first post for 2017 on the Ministry of Reconciliation blog just seeks to praise and worship the LORD ALMIGHTY. He deserves it. He is worthy of it. You know why?

Obiara nni hɔ, ɔtesɛ Nyame (There is none like GOD)
Ono na ɔkasa no, mpo no yɛ din (He is the one who is able to command the oceans to be silent)
Abraham Nyame (God of Abraham)
Isaac Nyame (God of Isaac)
Jacob Nyame (God of Jacob)
Woso na wo krɔn (You are great and mighty)

Sɛ yebɔ wo din a, kotodwe nyinaa koto wo (When we call upon your name, all knees bow before you)
Sɛ yebɔ wo din a, tɛkyerɛma nyinaa ka sɛ (When we call his name, every tongue confesses that…)

Obiara nni hɔ (There is no one who can be compared)

Reflecting over the past year(s) and anticipating what the new year may bring, it helps to remember that the God of the bible is of His own class. None can be compared to Him and seeing what He has done in the past, He definitely has us at heart and “if God is for us, who (or what) can be against us.” (Romans 8:31, NIV). Yes, “we are more than conquerors through him who loved us!” (Romans 8:37, NIV)

Prayer for Niiella and Joe Mettle

I praise your name o Lord. You are great and mighty. In you I put my trust and I trust that Niiella and Joe Mettle will fully fulfill their purpose on earth. I also trust that you will prove to be God in the life of my companion, the one reading this. Amen.

Featured image credit: Livefmghana

Copyrights to the song, its lyrics and the video do not belong to the 
Ministry of Reconciliation Blog. No copyright infringement is intended. 
This blog post is to share what the song means to the writer.
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