Her faith that healed

A lot must have been going through her mind.

She weighed the pros and cons. If she dared, anyone who touched her would be unclean till evening but this might also be her only chance at getting healed completely. Logic ran its cause. Reality heightened her anxiety.  Faith struggled against all these odds.

 NO! The past twelve years had just gulped all her money just like that and still…the blood flowed; of course what did she think? Money had never been mentioned as a clotting factor. With every doctor, her bleeding became worse.

She pushed her way through, ignoring the loud protests of her thoughts; desperate times call for desperate measures, huh?. I cannot tell if anyone in the crowd knew her personally because they would have to bathe, wash their clothes and remain unclean till evening and I do believe there was a stigma attached to that but I also remained silent,  watching her struggle through the throng. Aborɔ paa nie!

She finally caught up with Jesus and struggled to touch the fringe of his garment. Was that an attempt not to make Jesus unclean? A look of surprised showed on her face.

Did she get what she wanted or not?

Her surprise immediately disappeared as fear took over.

“Who touched my clothes?” Jesus asked.

Asɛm aba!

His disciples were incredulous. “See this heavy crowd around you!”

I decided to step forward and perform my civic responsibility by blowing the whistle. I picked my whistle and stood up but alas, I was only a reader with my grandfather’s big black bible lying on my laps. Mehn!

Fortunately, the woman came forward and confessed. Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering!!”

She was healed?? Like she would no longer be bleeding again? What?! Wait, Jesus didn’t scold her?

Waa look, just look at that. Now the girl who Jesus was going to heal is dead. I suggest  that Jesus should take back his healing.

Jesus did not.

He did not rebuke her for making others unclean in her reckless pursuit for healing because He came to cleanse. He did not rebuke her for stealing His powers because He came for her and it was her faith that turned the tap for fresh healing to flow into her body. He did not rebuke her for delaying him because Jesus had all the time in the world to attend to everyone. Finally, Jesus commended her faith because that is what gets to Him. That was how anyone related with Jesus even while He was on earth and that is how anyone would relate with Him. Simply put, He came to save not condemn so He expects everyone to come to him in faith! You would not be bothering him or stealing from Him. Who could?

Hmmm…I think this would be enough for the day. I closed my bible, sorry my grandfather’s bible in wonder but with gratitude because I now know Jesus came for me and He is not bothered by my requests, fears or anxieties but gives me all the attention I need because He is all-powerful and by faith I’ll go to him for an answer, every answer. I suggest you do same.

Just take the step.

Just stretch out your arms.

That is faith.

Aborɔ paa nie: This is indeed greed/wickedness. 
Asɛm aba: Trouble.
Waa: Expression in ghanaian language, twi.

-The woman with the issue of blood
Leviticus 15:25-27
Mark 5:24-34
Luke 8:42-48
John 3:16-18

Featured image credit: CAPC Oakland
© 2017 Ministry of Reconciliation Blog

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