Mommy I

The nation was in a state of shock. Never had it seen such devastation before. A state of emergency had been declared. A show of solidarity was all over the place. Mommy shivered within the heavy blankets in a kind stranger’s home. The steaming mug of coffee never reached her lips but spilled over, scorching her shivering fingers which struggled to clasp the mug. However, all this meant nothing to her. Mommy didn’t even know when the friendly stranger’s wife replaced the mug with her reassuring grasp. They both sat alone in the quiet living room solemnly watching the midnight news. It was Friday, 12:30am. Exactly 24hrs since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit some parts of Accra.

Mommy glanced at her watch before finally opening the door on that cool Wednesday night. It was 9:45pm. She had been blessed immensely at the midweek service and was already wondering why she stopped going in the first place. She stopped attending midweek upon her graduation from the University thinking Sunday church service was enough especially for an upcoming working professional like her. How she was so full of herself? She chided herself for all those childish excuses she once gave. She decided to carry her family along in the subsequent weeks.

God bless Grandma Akua, her bible study leader, who had been encouraging her to attend for the past two years.

She froze in her steps as she stared into the living room. To her, it was in disarray. Naomi, her seven-year old daughter was still awake, watching the latest telenovela and her nonchalant husband sat behind his laptop typing away. His files were scattered all over along with Naa’s toys. She was about to scream when five-year old Naa run into her arms. A switch flipped within her.

“Why are you still awake?”
“Kwame, what is all this?”
“Naomi, switch the TV off and get to bed!”
“Naa, come and let’s go and sleep.”
“Naomi, who do you expect to wash the dishes?”
“Kwame, help me eh?”
“Naa, pick up your toys, la. Ah!”
“Ei! my God, have mercy.”

One and half hours later, she had everything in order except her typing husband. He had given her a stern warning not to touch any of his files lest she disrupted his work.

She refused to read Naa her bedtime story saying it was late. Her daughters were not pleased with her and she could hear them grumbling as she closed the door. She felt like a killjoy but it had to be done. Tomorrow would be another day!

However, she wondered if it would be alright. She sometimes imagined a better life; a co-operative husband, a responsible first-born, an outgoing second born, two more children and a less busy life. She thought about the main text her pastor used during his sermon,

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you (Hebrews 13:5 NIV),”

She made her mind to love her family just the way they were for God had not forgotten her and that was what God thought was best for her. He was much aware of her situation.

After all, she had a hardworking husband, a brilliant firstborn, a talented writer as her second born, two nephews she looked after (…and they were twins! How she always desired her own set of twins.) and a job which granted her an official leave in July through to mid-September just so she could spend the holidays with her children. What more could she ask for? God was indeed with her; no need to be envious.

“Jehovah Jireh knows just what you need at every moment and it’s perfect so why do you want more? Do you know any better? And whatever be the case God is and will still be with you.” Her pastor had preached.

She sprawled on her bed.

“Kwame, come and sleep.” She wanted to scream out but had second thoughts.

Inasmuch as she wanted to be cuddled in his strong arms, he also had his priorities and at the moment, to satisfy a wife who always sought attention was not one of them. She knew he could not take her whims anymore. Hence, his recent addiction to work. He once commented that he could satisfy the demands of his work better. That statement put a wedge in their marriage. She decided to give him a break. Who knows, if she continues this way, she could save her marriage.

“Thank you, God for such a family and a roof over my head. A home I can always return to after a hectic day and bask in the warmth of their love, a place where I can rest, lay my head and feel secured…”


Hope you enjoyed the read? Tomorrow at 4pm, we'll see what 
happens to mommy and her family in Mommy II. See you!

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