I have a God

Hello, it has been almost two weeks. How have you been? We have not interacted since we entered February. A friend of mine quipped, “So soon, the year is coming to an end!” Imagine. Well. Today, I am sharing a poem which tells me to press on because I have a God to see me through whether the year end faster than expected or not, it will be according to his Word.

[Sadly, MelodicMonday posts are on a hiatus. However,  most posts will be from the category of stories (#biblereader’sobservations and others) as well as musings for the time being.]

While the storm may rage
I pick my Bible and turn a page
While life is in a great turmoil
I believe and just smile

Not because I am a god
But because I have a God

“So take courage! For I believe God.
It will be just as he said.”

(Acts of the Apostles 27:25, NLT)

I pray you were blessed. Kwasi and Kwame from big brother would soon feature in a story. Watch out!

Featured image credit: Pexels
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