His gift for her

He laid sprawled on his bed.

His face was glowing.

His eyes lit up

Not because of the moonlight

That filtered into his room

Through the rich linen curtains

Although it helped you see the obvious.

He was smitten by love.

He thought about what to get for her.

Valentine’s day was a week away.

He had already given her all she ever needed

As well as all she ever wanted

And all she could ever imagine.

His opulence made the decision even more difficult.

So many ideas popped up

Till there were no more kernels

Except the heat of his passion

And the cricket orchestra behind his window

Which lulled him to sleep.


There was commotion in the court room.

She had been brought before the great king.

She stood trial for treason.

She had used the prince, her lover.

She proposed the idea to the prime minister

And together they succeeded

And now their people had seceded from the sovereign nation.

Yet, they both stood trial.

No one hailed them as heroes.

They rather blamed them

And she bore the brunt of it.

“What a conniving seductress,” they’d say

But it did not change anything.

Everyone had to accept what was to be

And for her,

It was the death penalty.

Worst of it all,

She would be hanged on valentine’s day.



He was heart broken.

There was nothing he could do.

As he stood beside his father’s throne,

Her pleading eyes caught his.

He returned her gaze.

When he did nothing,

She averted her eyes

And her head dropped unto her chest

Never to look into his eyes again.

He wished she would raise her head

But shame weighed heavily on her.

Guilt, also secured her arms and legs like shackles.

Justice had to be served

And his father was Justice.

Even if he pleaded for mercy,

It would not be enough.

The law had to be upheld.

Does love really conquer all?

He wondered.

Should his passion be snuffed out

Lest he got scorched?

No, not if He could help it.

He would rather that the heat of his passion

Weld his broken heart together

In the presence of hope.

He now knew what to get her

To show his love,

Even in her current situation.



She sat in her cell,

Watching the moon go down,

Watching the sun rise up,

Listening to the avian ensemble

As they chirped out a dirge.

Hours passed and there was dead silence.

She should have been dead already

Or she was already dead?

Is this how it left like to be dead?

The oblivion, the loneliness.

No, She did not remember ever leaving her cell.

So she waited.

What else could she do?

She consoled herself with the thought

“It did not matter if her death was delayed.

After all, she would soon be late.”

She waited and waited.



He walked into the royal garden.

Its beauty was no antidote for his pain.

He had a heavy heart

Laden with love and sorrow,

Burdened with compassion and anger

And reality with its intimidating wings hovering around.

Suddenly, the roses looked extremely beautiful.

Someway, somehow he found some strength.

He plucked one.

He immediately lifted his fingers to his lips.

He had been pricked.

Indeed, one had to be careful

When plucking a rose

In order to show his affection

Lest he got pricked.

But for His lady,

He would do it again.

He plucked another one.

Then another one.



At last, she heard heavy footsteps.

She stood up

For her time was up.

It was the King himself

With her pardon in his hand.

She was free!

Her face did the smile formation dance.

How did it happen?

The forlorn king smiled

And beckoned her.

She followed.

They stepped out into the courtyard

Where she beheld the soulful sight.

There was her lover with His gift.

Roses, laid on the floor like a red carpet

Leading to the foot of the tree

Where he was.

He did not have to go through such lengths

Just for her to be pardoned?

She fell to her knees and wept like a baby

She would never forget his love.

She would forever love…genuinely

Since her very life was now her Valentine’s gift;

The life of her lover

For He took her place

As His limp body hanged from the tree

With a tightened noose around his neck.




 God’s love is evidenced with every breaking dawn. Considering God’s love, what do you think the extent of your love for Jesus himself and others especially that significant other, could ever be?

Enjoy your day!

Featured image credit: Pexel


© 2017 Ministry of Reconciliation Blog

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