Keren’s true love I

Kenneth Danso:
I stood in front of room P11, Volta hall. I hoped she would be the only one in the room. I held out the red parcel and just stood there staring at it. I was no longer sure of myself; the more reason why she had to be alone. I could handle her but not with her friends around. A girl from the adjacent room came out, fully dressed to kill. She eyed me for a moment, smiled and waved. I waved back as she headed for the stairs. Her high heels clicked with each delicate step. I imagined Dela having a great night with her architect boyfriend in an expensive restaurant. Mehn! My apprehension grew the more. I simply hoped today would strengthen our three-year old relationship. Before I could knock, Kuukua flung the door open. My heart sank. Wenne kind pressure this? (What kind of pressure is this?)

Keren Aryee:
“I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Kuukua picked her bag and walked toward the door. “And please stop looking at me like that.” My gaze was however still fixated on her retreating back. I got it but who does TDB (till daybreak) on Val’s day!

(c) Clipartfest

Personally, I had decided to study for an hour, watch a romantic movie, then sleep hoping to dream of a Prince Charming who would sweep me up in his arms. Simple!

Although I did not expect much today, I was still gnashing a little.

“Why the gnashing?” I wondered. I remembered getting samosa last two years and sausage rolls last year for valentine. I shuddered to think of what was going to come this year. In fact, I was quite relieved Kenneth had not shown up. I thought his call earlier this morning was enough for me. Strangely, I still had a deep yearning to know what he would have given me. Maybe, ‘kyebom’ (bread and fried eggs)?

The huge hamper and teddy bear Tony had given me was also frustratingly not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Kuukua screamed making me startled, “OMG! Kenneth is here. Keren, come and see!” I began to have goose bumps.

I really didn’t know how to react. He had actually brought along a parcel wrapped in red. Wow! He totally blew my mind. Well, I should not lose guard of my expectations.

“Was it just pastries in wrapping paper?” I smiled coyly.

“Is everything OK?” Kenneth asked calmly. I thought I sensed some apprehension though.

“Erm…no, no,” I rose and hugged Kenneth.

“Awww,” Kuukua let out while she dramatically closed the door in a very slowly.

I could not wait to see what he got me but it seemed like a book.

“Oh! Then he has done well,” I thought.

He knew I was a voracious reader especially when it was a romance novel. How sweet? Maybe, instead of the movie, I would read it and dream of him as Prince Charming. Before, I could confirm my suspicions, Kenneth held my hands and went on his knees. My heart skipped a beat.

“Can I take you out tonight as my valentine?”

Keren’s true love continues… 

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