Keren’s true love II

Previously on Keren’s true love

Kenneth Danso:
I breathed in deeply and allowed the cool, harmattan air to flow through my lungs and cool my heated system lest I overheated and shut down unexpectedly.

Tonight wasn’t bad at all. Well, kelewele (spiced, fried, ripe plantain) was her favourite and she could never reject it no matter what or wherever she found herself. The way to Keren’s heart was just to whisper kelewele into her ears. I was proud of myself. Why was I so apprehensive beforehand? I never seemed to reach my hall. My phone beeped. I took it out from my pocket and saw the notification; 102 messages from 10 conversations. I was going to ignore them so I could continue in my own world of fantasy when I noticed Keren’s own was the latest.

(c) Aftrad Village Kitchen

[In an attempt to simulate their chat, the medium grey text belongs to Keren whereas the lime belongs to Kenneth]

I’m abt to open de parcel, wat is it? 😊

Open and see…

Anywaes, tnks 4 tonite. It waz so lovely. U made it special. 😘😘

You’re welcome. I also enjoyed your company very much. We should try it again or?

My head began to swell.

Yhh, it cn b a thing b/n us. Hu gav u de inspiration?

It dropped in my spirit.



She went offline. I gave her a Bible, a big black Bible with a golden cross embroidered in its covers, and put a chocolate on top like cherry on top of ice cream. I always wanted to get her something significant and not just pastries as I did in the past years when we were in SHS (Senior High School); a gift that distinguished mine from my competitors. Seriously, trying to get the attention of a politician’s daughter was not an easy task.

I felt the Bible was just right because that was what my father gave me as my inheritance when he kicked the bucket leaving me as an orphan. He gave his doctor brother, my guardian, his meagre life savings to cater for my education.

Keren’s message came through.

Watz dis?Β πŸ˜•

A gift from the depth of my heartπŸ˜πŸ’

Hv I told u I need a bible?😐

The only Bible you have is the app on your I-pad.

Uh huh?

And oh, the chocolate is like cherry on top of vanilla ice cream or icing on chocolate cake, your favorite.

That made matters worse, I realized as I read over the message again.

So???Β πŸ˜•

Who would not love a bible as a Val’s day present? I mean it’s just right for the occasion. Isn’t it? I sighed. It also cost quite a fortune. This was going to be one interesting night.

Keren Aryee:
I said thank you and then good night and managed to add sweet dreams with a kissing emoji. I was truly disappointed. I expected a romantic present like Tony’s and who says a bible is a Val’s day present? Well, Kenneth just said so. The worst thing I could say to him was that he was ‘chriffe’ and should loosen up a little. I was glad I said that but sadly it would make no significant impact.

Dela and Stella was still laughing as they almost finished my Kingsbite chocolate.

“You gals realize this is my valentine present?” I frowned and ate the last bit.


Keren’s true love continues…

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