Best Friends Forever I

We thank you O Lord for today!
We thank you for strength to learn and play!
Bless our teachers and the rest of our day!

The children screamed out the official closing prayer for Dome Community School. Their excited voices added to the cacophony from the nearby market as they ran out of their various classrooms into the school compound. Some immediately ran into waiting arms or waiting cars and others simply headed home on foot; alone, with friends or with siblings. Those who were left behind put their ‘new found freedom’ to good use. The boys stood impatiently in the ‘black star line’ as two captains selected their preferred players. One of these two captains was a tomboy who had carved her niche among the boys. The girls organized themselves to play a game of ‘ampe’. Ahhh, the euphoria that came with the end of a school day, move over the last school day of the week; one could just feel it in the air.

Little Awura Adwoa strapped her pink schoolbag which she got for her birthday on Monday and just like yesterday, she was walking home alone today too. She was puzzled at how things had changed. When she first brought her bag to school on Tuesday, the girls made much fuss about it especially because of the printed picture of their favourite Disney characters: Olaf, Anna and Elsa from Frozen™. She enjoyed the hate and the love, the envy and the admiration that was all around her. The boys were not left out as they chanted, “new wele” anytime they saw her with her bag. Surprisingly, she became popular but alas, the fame was just a flash in a pan. Sadly, in all of her brief popularity, she also ignored her one and only trustworthy friend and classmate, Naomi. Since yesterday, everything had been back to normal. Everyone had seemingly forgotten about Awura Abena and her new bag. She had tried to spark the flame again by placing her bag on the table during Math class and it terribly backfired as the teacher told her to take her ‘dirty’ bag of the table. She flinched.

“Dirty?? My back is not dirty!” . 

Giggles rippled throughout the classroom.

Why did her mates have to get so cruel at times?

She could not look straight into anyone’s face for the rest of the day. All her fair-weather friends had just disappeared. Probably, due to the storm that drenched Dome two nights ago. As soon as the prayer was said, she quickly left the class and was part of the first wave of students who walked out of the school gate to go home on their own. She did this to avoid Naomi. She felt really bad.

(c) Cutesense

Have I lost Naomi too? 

She had seen Naomi laugh at something Kesewaa said. She had seen them walking to the library together. Naomi had chosen Kesewaa when the teacher had assigned some work for the class to do in pairs. She had seen Naomi with Kesewaa as they ate kenkey from the same bowl during break time. That should have been her. She and Naomi could have been skipping home now if she had not ignored her friend during her fifteen minutes of fame and now Naomi seemed to enjoy Kesewaa’s company. She had lost her friend…and maybe for good too. She shut her eyes tightly for a brief moment to prevent the threatening tears from flowing.

Featured image credit: Pexels  

Best friends forever contiues...(on Friday)
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