Best Friends Forever II

Awura Adwoa walked into the market. In no time, she would reach her mother’s stall but up ahead, she soon saw Naomi’s mother talking with the fish seller she disliked so much. She swiftly turned around, broke into a run and took a quick left. She didn’t want to have to greet her friend’s mom and fumble with her response as to where Naomi was.

“Why was Naomi’s mom not in her stall kraa?”

As she turned, she bumped into someone who was about her height. She closed her eyes so she would not have to look into the furious eyes of the person. Hopefully, the person was not selling eggs, tomatoes or sachet water or else she was as dead as the goat which was tied in front of Alhaji Musa’s stall.

“Awura Adwoa! Why are your eyes closed?” The person laughed. She opened her eyes to see Kwame, her neighbour. Thankfully, it had been oranges he was carrying in a basket. Such luck. She smiled and they both bent to pick up the few oranges on the ground much to the displeasure of the various people who constantly and quickly walked by. The two children simply hindered their movement.

“Sorry,” Awura Adwoa said apologetically.

“Don’t worry, Awura Adwoa,” Kwasi, Kwame’s big brother interjected before Kwame could respond.

Where did he come from?

“Kwame, let us go,” Kwasi instructed his little brother as he collected the basket of oranges and walked on.

“I am coming.”

Kwame turned to Awura Adwoa, “But where is Naomi?”

“What? This is the question I was running away from!”

Awura Adwoa replied with a bowed head, “She should still be in school.”

“Kwame!” An impatient Kwasi called out when he turned and realized his younger brother was not following him.

Kwame turned, “Can the two of you come to my house tomorrow morning? I have something to show you.”

Awura Adwoa nodded unwillingly but only because she wanted Kwame to look forward to prevent him from tripping on her account. She had caused enough trouble today and this week. She simply watched as the two brothers walked away. There was no homework for the weekend so it would be possible to go to Kwame’s place but she would go alone, without Naomi.

She turned to walk again. She found herself envying Kwame. Atongo was Kwame’s best friend but at least, Kwame had a brother to talk to when Atongo was not around. Right now, she could do with a sister.

Oh! Why am I the only child of my parents?

She had always wanted a little sibling, a tiny little brother.

All of a sudden, Awura Adwoa stopped in her tracks.


She quickly turned around to run again but this time she made sure her eyes were open.

“Awura Adwoa!” She squirmed as she stopped and turned to face Naomi.

“Were you coming to buy bofrot?” Naomi asked as she approached her best friend. Awura Adwoa shook her head.

‘Bofrot’ (or Ball float)           (c) Pinterest

“Oh good because see what I got us!” Naomi held up the black polyethylene bag like a trophy. Bofrot was their very special treat and one never ate some without the other. Naomi continued, “I bought ten so we get five five each!” She was clearly excited as they always got to eat one or two at a time.

Awura Adwoa reeled in shock. That would cost GH¢10.00.

Where did Naomi get the money from? Then it hit her. It was probably Naomi’s price money for topping the class in the math test.

“Is…is…is it your price money?” Awura Adwoa stammered.

“Yes,” Naomi had a bright smile on her face. “but teacher Ansah gave me GH¢50.00 instead o, so I will buy Ceres fruit juice and put the rest into our piggy bank.”

“But why? It’s yours.”

“Well, you are my friend with whom I share stuff…best friends forever!” Naomi lifted her hands in the air for a high-five which Awura Adwoa totally ignored. Naomi dropped her arms.



“I’m sorry I ignored you the whole of this week,” A tear rolled down Awura Adwoa’s cheek.

Naomi hugged Awura Adwoa. “I was really hurt but I forgive you.”

Naomi remembered how she had cried herself to sleep for the past three nights. Naomi remembered how an irritated Ama, her big sister with whom she shared the same bedroom snapped on the first night, “Stop crying la! Na Awura Adwoa will surely come back. Just be ready to forgive her. You might as well go to her first.” Naomi remembered how she wondered how Ama could be so sure. Naomi remembered how she thought about how to approach Awura Adwoa first.

“I promise I will never do that again.”

“That’s nice but even if you do I will still be your friend like we promised each other.”

“Herh! Monfiri kwan no mu! (to wit: Get out of the way)” A sweaty and annoyed youth pulling a huge load of sacks filled with yam on a hand pulled truck shouted at the two girls. The girls disengaged and with intimidation ran along while holding hands.

The End

In times when we hurt the Holy Spirit, we are able to quickly mend our ways because we know all that the Godhead had ever wanted was us, a relationship with us. Does the Awura Ama-Naomi friendship depict any form of your/our relationship with God?

Featured image credit: Pexels
© 2017 Ministry of Reconciliation Blog



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