Albie’s prayer

One morning, with Mommy and Daddy

Dear God, please help my brother hear. AMEN!

That afternoon
Dear God, heal my twin brother. AMEN!

In the evening, right before bed, with Daddy
Dear God, my daddy says you can heal my brother so make him hear us when we speak to him. Amen…

Following morning, with Albert
Dear God, on behalf of Albert and I, I say good morning because he does not talk too. I pray you heal him fast. Amen.

In the afternoon
God, I want to talk with Albert while we play so I am praying for you to heal him for me. Amen.

Evening, with Mommy and Albert
Dear Jesus, Mommy just told us a bedtime story of how you healed a dumb and deaf man. I want you to put your finger in his ear and touch his tongue but don’t spit before you touch his tongue because the woman in the TV said we should not spit around but you just heal Albert because you can. Amen

Two days later
Dear God, I saw my brother crying this afternoon when we went to the children’s park for the Easter party but he could not tell me what was wrong. I am sure some of the bad boys were laughing at him and calling him horrible nicknames. I hope you heal him soon. Amen.

Three days later
Dear God, I saw my friend, Amina talking with her twin brother and it was beautiful. I cannot wait for my turn. Amen.

One month later
Dear God, did you see Albert’s happy face as we all watched Mr. Bean? I think he wanted to laugh because happy tears were flowing down his cheeks. I wish I could hear how his laughter sounded like but mommy says we should give thanks to you especially since we could see his bright smile today. Thank you. Amen.

Two months later
Dear God, my brother has to stay at home while I go to school. Please, heal him fast so he can join me in school so that like Amina and Aminu, the two of us will walk together and share our food and play during break time. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Three months later
Dear God, my Sunday school teacher said we should never stop praying till you answer so even though I have been praying every day for three ‘looong’ months, I will not stop praying. Mommy and Daddy have been praying since we were born and they have never stopped too. We are waiting. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

One year later
Dear God, today I was a good girl. I helped mommy in the kitchen. I did not disturb daddy. I did not fight with Albert over the toys. I packed all the toys after we played so please hear my prayer and heal Albert. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Two years later
Heavenly Father, Albert is going to a special boarding school so he will not be going to school with me again but I still want to say thank you. If you heal him before tomorrow morning, I will stop gossiping. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Three years later, together with Albert
Father, we are ten years old today. Thank you for how far you have brought us. Thank you for the birthday party Mommy is organizing for us. What I want for a birthday present is to hear Albert say “happy birthday, Alberta!” In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

One year later
Father, I saw a pastor heal a man who could not hear and speak like my twin brother on TV. Tomorrow at church, Pastor Kumi will pray for healing for all who need it. I pray my brother will hear tomorrow. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

One year later
Oh Lord, today is healing service at church. Restore Albert’s hearing and I will do all my best to the most obedient daughter on earth. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Three years later, with a portrait in hand
My father in heaven, I thank you for the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ. I thank you that it is because of Jesus that I have a relationship with you and it is through Him and your grace and love, my prayers are answered and not necessarily because of what I do or do not do. I’m sorry I treated you like a vending machine. Albert is growing well and I marvel at how happy and hopeful he always is. He always inspires me and puts a smile on my face and his musical compositions are always soothing to my soul. I have one request today: give me wisdom so that I can be a better sister. Amen.

One year later, with Albert
Beloved father, you are omniscient and omnipotent. There is none like you. Your love for Albert and I is so amazing. Thank you for another vacation where we can share all that happened in school. Thank you for the idea of getting our very own special notebook in which we document our feelings and thoughts. It’s like a shared diary. I also thank you for WhatsApp which is like our main form of communication now, apart from the funny gestures and writing. We want to thank you this evening before we sleep and pray you will watch over us. I also pray that as I hold his hands now your healing power will flow and restore his speech and healing. At least, let him say amen at the end of this prayer. In Jesus name, we have prayed, Amen.

One month later
Oh God! Blessed be your holy name! It is said in your word, that by your stripes we are healed. Father, remember your son and my brother, Albert. Heal him O Lord, and he shall be healed. I come to you God because you said in Exodus 15:26, “For I am the Lord who heals you.” and I know you will come through. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

One year later
Father. Seriously. I feel like dad, mom and I are more real to Albert than you; our concern is more tangible than yours and we are doing everything possible to make him comfortable. Where are you, Lord? Seventeen years now… Well, Albert has not lost his infectious joy though. Thank you for that but I still do not feel your peace that transcends all understanding so I really do not know…are you listening? Am I even praying well at all?

One year later
God? Is there no balm in Gilead?

Ten years later, as Albert plays the piano in the background
Hello God, it’s been ten years since we last spoke. I know…I’m here to say I’m sorry. I was frustrated and I doubted. Others seemed to receive answers to all their prayers and it seemed as though you answered only some of my prayers. I wanted an ‘all-in” God; a God who has my everything at heart but it is clear I was mistaken. I guess I lashed out at Albert when he testified of your goodness just a few moments ago because I was angry with you and his voice too was…was irritatingly calm. Albert then asked if I genuinely thought I had been an ‘all-in’ daughter to you. I say it wasn’t necessary since you were an absent father. Albert then shared how he always considered his condition with a pure joy that can only come from you despite all his challenges. He shared how he began to see his faith in you produce perseverance through his struggles. He shared how it occurred to him one morning, nine years ago, he had never prayed for you to grant mom, dad and I wisdom to deal with his condition better. It was that very weekend I announced that I had enrolled for weekend classes to learn sign language so that I could better communicate with him. He even rejoiced when I got mom and dad on board and his heart has ever been overflowing with thanksgiving ever since and I thought I was taking initiative on my own. I was so fixed on seeing a speaking and hearing Albert, I missed the awesome things you were doing in his life and all your answers to my prayers and now when I consider them I see it is all beautiful. I am running back into your arms. Forgive me Lord and help me to understand the true essence of my faith in you. I am glad that you were listening and actively acting after all…in your own sovereign way. I want to be in your wonderful plan. Thank you once again.


Albie’s eyes shot open. With a quizzical look, she turned to Albert who had just finished playing his latest musical piece and was intently staring at her with a satisfying smile, brightening his square and bronze-colored face.

“Who said amen to my prayer?”


ยฉ 2017 Ministry of Reconciliation

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