The storyteller’s mercy I

I shivered. I was sweating profusely. My clothes were drenched in sweat. I was very terrified; I knew I was as good as dead. I had made a request which was declined almost immediately. The young lady sitting beside me felt very uncomfortable. I sensed it but I could not help it.

Soon, we sped past a heart-wrenching sight. It was midnight and we were using a lonely route to the north of the country. I had heard of such incidences in the news and they almost seemed unbelievable. I wondered how such occurrences could take place especially on a public road but now I know. It was not as though none of us cared; I was concerned and so were other passengers for a man at the front offered to call the police. The driver had already made his mind up long before we reached the actual scene and in our silence, we unanimously agreed with  him. Good Samaritans who risk their lives for strangers are terribly hard to find and well, at the end of the day, God was for us all as everyone was for him/her self.

The occupants in a Range Rover were being attacked by six robbers. I’m not sure I saw right though, because the sight was overwhelming. These were men sent straight from hell. I could see a tiny man pointing a gun at a big woman. It seemed like she had been ordered to removed her clothes. I feared the worst for the woman. There were three other robbers overpowering an elderly man who was torn between saving the woman and trying to run into the road. Desperate people really do things beyond comprehension. Did he prefer to die by being knocked down? No, soon I could tell why. A very small baby was right in the middle of the road. He or she ran the risk of being ran over by a vehicle. Apparently, our bus passed right over the baby. The baby’s cries pierced my heart like a sharp double-edged sword.

This did not stop the driver. It rather made him step on the accelerator.

I looked out the window as we zoomed past, into the shiny eyes of a fierce-looking man holding an AK 47. A lookout, perhaps? I could swear that very moment I saw hell’s fire in his eyes for his eyes were bright red.

Guilt washed all over me. I could have done more but I soon forgot my guilt.

That’s where you belong.

I flinched. I looked around. Everyone was dazed. I knew the voice was directed at me but who said it? Was I hearing voices? No, it was true. I seemed to be headed for hell fire but who said it? I needed to know if the voice belonged to a liar or a merciful person.


My heart beat faster by the minute. Soon, I could not feel it or rather, it had skipped several beats? I clutched my chest.

I was dead sure I was dead.

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#TheStoryteller’sMercy continues tomorrow @0600hrs GMT…

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