Crazy Pastor

Caution: May contain disturbing/sensitive lines.

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She felt his hot, intermittent breathe run down from his pointy nose down her spine as he positioned himself behind her. The cold, sharp, stainless steel crept its way around her neck and started to cut into her soft skin when it rested. She winced and the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead and temple began to fall.

In front of her, a youth in his late teens held up a phone and she felt the lens of its camera come alive and even more those of her family, also pierced right through her skin adding to her anguish. Their palpitating eyes said it all; she could feel it but there was nothing she could do and she could not do what the men asked, not even if it would give her the chance to see her family again. Or could she? After all, she served a forgiving Lord. Continue reading “Crazy Pastor”


“Onise Iyanu” by Nathaniel Bassey

Hey! Hey!

Iyanu! Iyanu!

Onise! Onise!

Iyanu! Iyanu!

Onise! Onise!


Onise Iyanu!



Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote sums up what runs through my mind. “all I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all that I have not seen.”


Prayer for Nathaniel Bassey

Awesome God, you are the God of awesome wonders. Blessed be your name! Continue to reveal your awesomeness to Nathaniel Bassey! Great God, thank you. Amen.

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“You are great” by Steve Crown

You know what blows my mind when I consider how great God is? That all I know, all I can know; everything recorded in man’s history about God’s greatness is not all there is to God’s greatness. In fact, that is just the beginning. He is infinitely GREAT! At that point, I stop thinking and…and I just have to worship…I just do…

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Family’s Bane (II)

Previously on Family's bane
Could God ever be so heartless?

“How can we be mocked like this, Kodjo?” Mama Gina cried harder.

“Genie!” Mama Gina’s visitor screamed.

“Oh my God! Akosua, is this you?” Mama Gina replied in a voice mixed with surprise and joy.

“Wow, forty years is enough to forget me?” Akosua stood with arms akimbo and feigned displeasure.

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The storyteller’s mercy V


Previously on The Storyteller's mercy
All of a sudden, the bus swerved sharply to the left and then to the right 
again. Amidst the blaring horns, blinding headlights and piercing screams, 
I heard a loud collision and then the side of the bus where I was seated 
began to lift off the ground. Unfortunately, I was not wearing a seat belt 
so I flew out of my seat. Neither was she.

[Main character’s narration in navy blue text]

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Beep. Beep. Beep…

My eyes fluttered opened but I quickly closed it as quickly as I opened it. Wincing and squinting, I tried opening my eyes again only to see a huge white figure standing over me. The person, who was holding a book, seemed to be searching for something in it. My name?

“Is this the afterlife, like heaven?”

The figure looked up and shook the head.

Everything became dark.


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