I have a God

Hello, it has been almost two weeks. How have you been? We have not interacted since we entered February. A friend of mine quipped, “So soon, the year is coming to an end!” Imagine. Well. Today, I am sharing a poem which tells me to press on because I have a God to see me through whether the year end faster than expected or not, it will be according to his Word.

[Sadly, MelodicMonday posts are on a hiatus. However,  most posts will be from the category of stories (#biblereader’sobservations and others) as well as musings for the time being.]

While the storm may rage
I pick my Bible and turn a page
While life is in a great turmoil
I believe and just smile

Not because I am a god
But because I have a God

“So take courage! For I believe God.
It will be just as he said.”

(Acts of the Apostles 27:25, NLT)

I pray you were blessed. Kwasi and Kwame from big brother would soon feature in a story. Watch out!

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Holding on

It has been thirteen days since I posted anything. I’d like to humbly apologize especially for missing “Melodic Mondays”. My holidays got the better of me, I guess. This poem is just to encourage you and I to trust in God no matter what and to keep hope alive.

Blessed Sunday!!

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It’s been hours.
My feet, dangling.
My right arm, drained of its strength.
My left arm, numb.

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A prayer for Africa by a Christian youth

Our father in heaven,
Open my eyes to see your move in Africa.
The problems seem to be overwhelming
But Lord, you have always proven to be bigger.

Fix my eyes on what is unseen;
Grant me grace to strive against all odds
And about your goal, it seems Africa is still uncertain
But you Lord, remain the Lord of all lords.

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So Lord, teach Africa to trust in you alone
And oh! you can begin with me, your son;
Only then will we be ever assured and never alone.
It is in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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You God, are all we’ve got.

Giants may rise
They may taunt
We may grow faint

The storms may rage
The thunder may roll
Our strength may fail

I vividly remember similar events
The giants that rose, fell
The storms that raged, became still

And so in such moments,
We’ll fight with all we’ve got
And you God, are all we’ve got

How do you fight knowing God is with you, for you and in you? David knew his God and trusted his God enough to face an experienced champion as a shepherd boy. Do you think you’re incapable of fighting whatever fight you find yourself in? Think again…


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One thing is noteworthy

One thing is noteworthy;
About my Lord in all his glory.
When I read his unique story,
I praise him for he is worthy.

They taunted.
They laughed.
They had him crucified.
He was despised.

He was treated like a criminal
And he only responded to an SOS call.
He was only being faithful;
It was his promise he wanted to fulfill.

He watched the treacherous
And still kept himself to the cross.
He did not curse
But prayed for their forgiveness.

A God of the impossible.
A God who is invincible.
He was held by a nail
Because he loved the rebel

That was his only offense;
That accounted for his obedience;
That left him without legal defense;
How can one be so gracious?

His breath was labored
Until he was finally dead.
Man could have said he failed
And yet still, his task was finished.

That is what is noteworthy;
He chose a death so gory
For man who was so unworthy
Just so man will have a different story.

Be reconciled to God

Be reconciled to God
For you have been alienated
And condemnation looms overhead
Be reconciled to God

Be reconciled to God
For God always wanted you
Please, do not ignore his cue
Be reconciled to God

Be reconciled to God
For he made a way
And sent his son to pay
Be reconciled to God

Be reconciled to God
For Jesus bore the full brunt of justice
And between you and God, established peace
Be reconciled to God

Therefore, if you are in Christ
You belong to a holy nation
Where to his lordship there is total submission
And all passions and desires have to fully succumb

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
He is a new creation
The old has gone
The new has come

Behold! Jesus has his arms stretched out
Calling everyone unto reconciliation
Through his work which is never error prone
Will you come?

1. 2 Corinthians 5:17, NIV.