The storyteller’s mercy II


Previously on "The Storyteller's mercy"
My heart beat faster by the minute. Soon, I could not feel it or rather, 
it had skipped several beats? I clutched my chest.

I was dead sure I was dead.

“You aren’t helping matters.” She muttered, “…and to think you are the man.”

“I’m sorry.” I wriggled my toes to be sure I was alive. “I can’t help it. It’s like I’m supposed to be dead.”

“That’s weird. You should seek help.” She frowned.

“A dead man can never seek help.”

“Then relax because I hear dead men rest in peace.”

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The worshiper’s dilemma II

He sighed. It was not like he did not want to worship God along with the 
congregation. It was just that his guilt, the bouncer, would not allow him 
to enter the throne room of God. Thankfully, it seemed like Satan did not 
come to church today; he would have made matters worse.

He turned to look at the couple again. They must really be in God's good 
books to be so much in tune with God. The look on their faces was out of 
this world. Their younger child was now looking at him intently. No, he 
would not be a bad example to this pure, innocent soul. Facing the pulpit 
again, he closed his eyes and tried to sing along. He even tried to raise 
his hand just to go along with the motion. 

Finally, here was some motivation. Maybe he would soon be caught up in the 
spirit of worship too. So much for the struggle.

A deep voice cleared the throat from behind him, stopping him in his tracks,
"Not so fast, son of Adam!" He could feel his mischievous smile.

"Argh!" He almost slapped his forehead. "Speak of the devil!"

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The worshiper’s dilemma I

“Shall we rise to our feet even as the praise and worship team steps forward to lead us into a time of worship.” The officiant, in her flowing and resplendent African garments turned from the pulpit and walked to her seat as a band of seven men and women walked in front of the congregation.

“Great is our God. Great is his faithfulness. Great is his love towards us and so, bless the Lord o my soul. Bless…his holy name.” The worship leader uttered these words solemnly, with his eyes closed and his left hand lifted up.

“Mmmmm…yes, Lord!” A member of the congregation agreed in a shaky voice as she clapped her hands. “Ah, ah, you are God. Yes, Lord…”

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The raging storm

“Was Jesus tired?”

Probably. He had a long day.

“Hmm, he must have really been tired or wait…was he a deep sleeper?”


“Did he request that his disciples go to the other side of the lake because he had an idea of the storm or the demon-possessed man?”

Maybe. He was still God as at then…

“Do you think he was intentional about this? Like he wanted his disciples to learn faith?”

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