A VOICE IN THE WIND [Francine Rivers]: A Review



When Francine Rivers was asked what inspired her to write this Trilogy, her answer was this:

Almost every story I’ve written since becoming Christian has come from a question relating to a struggle in my own faith walk. With “A Voice in the Wind,” that question was “How do you live out your faith among family members and friends who are not at all interested in the gospel?” I became fascinated by the early martyrs and how they had the courage to die for their faith. So I decided to begin the story in AD 69-70 with the chaos and destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. Through the character of Hadassah, the answer came: it’s not what you say; it’s how you live that has the impact. Also, you don’t need courage ahead of time. God prepares you and supplies you with the courage you need to face difficulties when…

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