Where were you on 9/11?

In times of tragedy or when things do not go our way we can find ourselves asking, “God, where are/were you?”

Personally, I reason that because God is all-powerful, He should: have ensured a different result, have just completely healed the loved one, have held the steering wheel of the car that lost control, have prevented one from going to a place by any means necessary, have held the uprooted tree in place among other responses I expect from the God who is able to do everything and who claims He loves us dearly but the poem in this post just reminded me of God’s answer, “I am/was with you in all my glory, power, love and sovereignty!”

…and that, is truly the response of an all-powerful person.

That is when we come to truly understand what God means when He says we should trust Him because “He is always in the midst of it to see us through…” Thankfully, He has also revealed Himself as the God who has everything always going according to His plan.

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Infected Saint

The God of my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, My stronghold and my refuge; My Savior, You save me from violence. 2 Samuel 22:3

I was at my desk in the bank when someone popped their head in and asked if I had heard about a plane crashing into a New York tower. It sounded strange to hear it. Surely they were mistaken. How could that happen? We all gathered around a 32-inch TV in the break room watching grey smoke billow out of the World Trade Center tower. I remember thinking: how could someone make that kind of flight error, and how many had paid the price with their lives? As I debated with others over what might have happened, all doubt was removed when one of the ladies gasped and covered her mouth, her eyes glued to the screen. We all turned…

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…about the sanctuary

We found ourselves chewing cream crackers accompanied with cups of fruit juice when someone remarked in a voice spiced with a little bit of horror, “We are eating in the sanctuary!”

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Keren’s true love III

Previously on Keren’s true love

Keren Aryee:                                                                                                                                                 Two weeks later, I opened the Bible and on the first page, in a beautiful handwriting, Kenneth has written:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, ESV)

I had learnt this in Sunday school. However, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, the phrase “For God so loved the world…” made an impression on me.

“So God loves?” I asked myself. “Isn’t He just some mean old man up there ready to discipline me at the slightest mistake?” I sighed and laid my head on my pillow staring at the white ceiling above.

(c) Clipart Kid

Then the unexpected happened…in a dream, I guess.

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Keren’s true love II

Previously on Keren’s true love

Kenneth Danso:
I breathed in deeply and allowed the cool, harmattan air to flow through my lungs and cool my heated system lest I overheated and shut down unexpectedly.

Tonight wasn’t bad at all. Well, kelewele (spiced, fried, ripe plantain) was her favourite and she could never reject it no matter what or wherever she found herself. The way to Keren’s heart was just to whisper kelewele into her ears. I was proud of myself. Why was I so apprehensive beforehand? I never seemed to reach my hall. My phone beeped. I took it out from my pocket and saw the notification; 102 messages from 10 conversations. I was going to ignore them so I could continue in my own world of fantasy when I noticed Keren’s own was the latest.

(c) Aftrad Village Kitchen

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Keren’s true love I

Kenneth Danso:
I stood in front of room P11, Volta hall. I hoped she would be the only one in the room. I held out the red parcel and just stood there staring at it. I was no longer sure of myself; the more reason why she had to be alone. I could handle her but not with her friends around. A girl from the adjacent room came out, fully dressed to kill. She eyed me for a moment, smiled and waved. I waved back as she headed for the stairs. Her high heels clicked with each delicate step. I imagined Dela having a great night with her architect boyfriend in an expensive restaurant. Mehn! My apprehension grew the more. I simply hoped today would strengthen our three-year old relationship. Before I could knock, Kuukua flung the door open. My heart sank. Wenne kind pressure this? (What kind of pressure is this?)

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His gift for her

He laid sprawled on his bed.

His face was glowing.

His eyes lit up

Not because of the moonlight

That filtered into his room

Through the rich linen curtains

Although it helped you see the obvious.

He was smitten by love.

He thought about what to get for her.

Valentine’s day was a week away.

He had already given her all she ever needed

As well as all she ever wanted

And all she could ever imagine.

His opulence made the decision even more difficult.

So many ideas popped up

Till there were no more kernels

Except the heat of his passion

And the cricket orchestra behind his window

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Shepherd God

God is always looking out for us even when we are lost.

Dr. Luke, in his account of the life of Jesus Christ, in Luke 15:3-7, records an interesting moment when the tax collectors and ‘sinners’ gather to hear Jesus Christ speak. Here, Jesus reveals a stunning truth about God in His response to the critical pharisees and teachers of the law. The parable teaches that God searches for each and every man. Why will God search for us if we are not lost? Remember Isaiah’s words in Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one, to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all (NKJV).”

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